The owners of a much-loved Malvern pub have agreed to sell it to a community group.

Campaigners have been trying to save the Brewers Arms in West Malvern since owners Admiral Taverns put it up for sale last year.

The Brewers Arms Community Pub group was formed and about 300 people pledged to buy shares in the community venture.

With Admiral Taverns now having agreed a price of £295,000 for sale, the group needs people to follow through on their pledges and have their funds ready.

Brian O’Connell, the group’s chairman, said this is the news people have been waiting to hear since last year.

“Admiral taverns have agreed to sell the Brewers Arms to us,” he said.

“The negotiated price is £295,000. This is £30,000 less than the asking price but marginally more than we had hoped to pay.

'Pub can succeed as community-owned asset'

“Having said that all our working assumptions were on a price of £325,000 so we are confident that the pub can succeed as a community-owned asset.”

At a meeting of the community group last November, it was suggested about £350,000 would be needed to buy the pub and a further £150,000 investment required to refurbish it.

“We shall be issuing the share prospectus and business plan within days,” said Mr O’Connell.

“We ask all those who have pledged funds, and those who are still thinking about doing so, to read the prospectus and plan, and to have their funds readily available.

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Campaign to save Malvern pub gathers momentum

“Admiral has set a strict timetable for the sale and has reserved the right to put the pub on the open market if it is not met.

“We cannot accept funds at present because we do not yet have our bank account details but , again, that should be available shortly. A public meeting will be called for the week after next.”

The Brewers Arms was closed by Admiral Taverns in February but reopened in March amid fears it would be vandalised or broken into if left empty for a length of time.

For more information, go to the Brewers Community Pub website at