Famous British sitcom stars visited a Malvern charity shop to thank them for their help after a parking kerfuffle a few days prior.

The leading ladies of "Only Fools and Horses",  Tessa Peake-Jones and Gwyneth Strong, have taken to the stage in Malvern this week.

After struggling to find somewhere to park in Malvern, the owners of a local charity shop came to their rescue. 

Amaze co-founder and co-director, Chris Lee, said: "They came into the shop to ask us about where she could park.

"With all of the roadworks at the moment at Belle Vue, parking in Malvern is almost impossible.

"So, Polly jumped in the car with them and helped to park their car."

Polly Reehal, co-founder and co-director of Amaze, was thanked by the sitcom stars through a visit to the shop on Thursday, May 26 from the two stars.

Mr Lee added: "They were absolutely charming.

Malvern Gazette: From left to right: Gwyneth Strong, Polly Reehal and Tessa Peake-JonesFrom left to right: Gwyneth Strong, Polly Reehal and Tessa Peake-Jones

"They came back in and said thank you and wanted to support and help the shop.

"They came in and made some purchases.

"They have their last performance today (Friday, May 27) and are hoping to come back to Malvern soon. 

"They were both such down to earth people, it was lovely."

The show that these Only Fools and Horses stars are performing in is called Ladies of Letters.

It follows Irene and vera who meet under a table at a wedding, after consuming too much sherry.

Over the ensuing years, they form a hilarious, barbed long-distance friendship.

A spokesperson from Malvern Theatres said: "Tessa Peake-Jones plays Irene, a retired medical receptionist with a flair for taramsalata, and Gwyneth Strong is Vera, an ex-mobile librarian, embarking on a new relationship with Bill.

"Between them they battle the big issues of the 21st century, for better, and worse.

"From climate change protest and drug trafficking to accidental imprisonment, they freely vent their views on their ungrateful children, how to find love at 60, and, on each other."