A pet shop that has been open in Malvern for around nine years has recently been taken over by a new owner.

Jai Barnes, the current owner, took over Poolbrook Pet Supplies on Poolbrook Road at the beginning of this month and is the third owner the shop has had throughout its time in Malvern.

Miss Barnes said: "Running a small independent pet shop has always been a dream of mine.

"We actually lived next door to the shop for ten years.

"I lived most of my life in Malvern but we moved to Tewkesbury three years ago to renovate a house.

"Being back on the street I call home, doing my dream job has been absolutely amazing."

Alongside Poolbrook Pet Supplies, Miss Barnes runs Worcestershire Rabbit Rescue and Friends.

He founded the organisation by himself eight years ago and so has an extensive background in animal welfare.

Miss Barnes added: "I also run Worcestershire Rabbit Rescue and Friends so my background has always been in animal welfare and I am keen to bring this forward into the pet shop too, where I can offer the correct welfare and feeding advice for families and their furry friends - scaly and feathered too of course.

"It can be so hard to find a trustworthy, reliable resource for animal welfare, so I want to be that trusted face.

"Our shop isn’t about how much we can sell, it’s about selling the right products to the right people, for the pets.

"The locals have been most supportive and some of them even recognised me, which was lovely.

"I am looking forward to many years of being at the heart of a fabulous community.

"We will be offering delivery for those that can not get to us themselves. 

"Our shop may be small, but our dreams of providing only the best, are big."

On their Facebook page, Poolbrook Pet Supplies, it says: "We hold a large stock of dog and cat food that include J.W.B. Royal Canin, Skinners, Bakers, Wagg, Arden Grange, Burns, and many more, we cater for dogs, cats, small animals, and fish.

"We hold a good stock of dog and cat bedding at competitive prices, jackets to keep your dog warm this Winter, leads collars and lots more."