CONCERNS over dangerous driving in a road near Malvern will be addressed.

Following a series of serious car crashes in the town, residents near Guarlford Road have called for a safer crossing, with drivers regularly seen speeding down the road.

Following this, Worcestershire County Council has promised to investigate ways to make the road safer.

A spokesperson confirmed the council's highways team would look into ways to find out about pedestrian movements and ways to help the situation.

They said: "We have asked our data collection team to investigate this area as part of their ongoing programme to fully understand speeds, gaps and pedestrian movements.

"We will then review the results and consider whether there are any measures that could be introduced to help at this location."

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "The traffic along Guarlford Road is out of control, it has tripled thanks to all of the new houses that have been built.

"It takes so long to cross the Guarlford Road now, no drivers ever let anyone cross.

"We need a zebra crossing near to the Bluebell Pub, this will allow people especially those with little children and in wheelchairs be able to cross safely, it will also help with slowing down all the vehicles that don’t obey the speed limit.

"I can’t see there ever being a speed camera along Guarlford Road so a zebra crossing will kill two birds with one stone, it will help people to get from one side to the other and it will cut down on all of the speeding."

The last two weeks have seen a number of serious crashes in Malvern.

Two people were taken to hospital last week after a serious crash in Castlemorton Common Road, while this week, two people were arrested after a crash in Abbey Road.

Graham Road was also closed on May 10 after a crash which caused an oil spill.