A DRIVER'S dashcam has caught the incredible sight of a fireball soaring through the Herefordshire sky late at night.

Ross Watkins from Bromyard caught the meteor on his dashcam in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He said it was an "extremely impressive" sight as he drove into Bromyard on the A44 just before Brockhampton.

The UK Meteor Network, which monitors meteors in the skies above the UK, called it a "significant fireball".


The group said it was picked up by 15 of its cameras at 12.39am and had received more than 200 public reports.

It said it looked like the fireball was over South-West England heading into Wales.

Users have also taken to Twitter to report the meteor, with information shared by the group.


Allie Power said her doorbell captured the fireball, with Dale Baxter also seeing it near Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Meteors can be viewed by the naked eye, and the best chance to see them is somewhere dark and clear, away from light pollution.

Meteors are pieces of debris that enter Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of up to 70km per second, vaporising and causing the streaks of light we call meteors.