EFFORTS to form a healthier working relationship between the district's council and MP have taken a hit after she described the administration as "rejects from left-wing parties".

Newly-elected leader of Malvern Hills District Council Cllr Tom Wells reached out to West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin to try and form a new working relationship between the council and its MP.

This is despite the MP branding the administration a 'rag tag band of rejects' and encouraging voters to choose the Conservatives in next year's elections.

Writing about the results of this year's elections, Mrs Baldwin had said: "There were no local elections in Malvern Hills but next May local voters will have their chance to pass verdict on the unstable ‘independent’ Malvern Hills administration which has been cobbled together from a rag tag bag of rejects from other left-wing parties. 

"They have lost control of the local five year land supply and next May local voters will have the chance to install a sensible Conservative administration again."

That statement was issued on Monday, with Cllr Wells being elected as the new leader of the council on Tuesday evening (May 10).

At that meeting, Cllr Wells reached out to the MP, later arranging a meeting with her via council chief executive Vic Allison.

Mrs Baldwin said on Wednesday she had scheduled a meeting with Cllr Wells, saying she agreed local and national government needed to work more closely together.

Cllr Wells said his group included members of a number of political parties accusing Mrs Baldwin of cheap points-scoring.

He said: "Our MP would seem to be indulging in a bit of party political point scoring rather than serving local residents.

"In truth its really disappointing and such inflammatory remarks will make working with her that much harder.

"Nevertheless, as council leader, I am determined to reach out to her and we have a scheduled meeting in the diary.

"It is vital our MP and local councils work together for the common good. 

"Such narrow party interest is what led to my fellow Independent councillors leaving party politics behind.

"I am determined to work with our MP and each and every councillor, irrespective of political party, to achieve the best possible results for the people we serve. Local residents deserve nothing less."