The owner of the Marlbank Inn, Malvern, has been eliminated from Gordon Ramsay's Future food Stars after making it through five episodes. 

Amit Panwar was eliminated after being identified by his team members as a problem on the tasks that they were given within the episodes. 

The teams were tasked with creating and branding a children's lunch for 5-7 year olds that was engaging without being patronising. 

Mr Panwar worked on the graphic design element of the task, coming up with a space theme and reaching the name "Astroclub" with his team mate and the tag line "organic with love." 

While Ramsay was impressed by the space concept, he was underwhelmed by the tag line, saying that it did not make sense or have relevence to the space theme. 

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The other half of Mr Panwar's team then made a wrap, a rocky road snack and a fruit smoothie for the children to eat. 

The team presented their food and branding to a professional, but Mr Panwar's teammates were frustrated with his interjections when they were speaking, interrupting them a few different times. 

Because of this, the narrative of what the team were aiming for with their product became confused in the presentation and the team ended up losing the task. 

Ramsay also decided that there was too much sugar in the smoothie and the rocky road bar, making the meal too unhealthy for children. 

Mr Panwar's teammates told Ramsay that they felt they had spent too much time "babysitting" him and that he was generally unfocused and difficult to work with.

When Ramsay confronted Mr Panwar he said: "Really, I would have liked them to pass me the ball and I would have just got on with it."

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When eliminating Mr Panwar, Ramsay said: "Everyone in his team identified him as the issue and in business if a name keeps coming forward, trust me, you have to deal with it."

In his final comments, Mr Panwar said: "I've had an awesome time.

"It's definitely a plot twist but hey, it is what it is." 

The show airs on BBC One every Thursday evening at 9pm.