TWO women are selling pants to help support domestic abuse survivors, and are backed by a British acting icon.

Lucy Burgess and Sally Oakley launched Brave Bird Club in Malvern on April 1 2021, and have been endorsed by Dame Julie Walters.

The Harry Potter, Mamma Mia! and Billy Elliott actress shared a light-hearted video sharing her love for the pants.

Lucy, of Suckley, Worcester, was involved in an 8-year abusive relationship, which served as inspiration for the creation of the business.

She said: "We are selling 'Brave Bird Pants’ to inspire hope and bravery, and every pair sold supports the domestic abuse centre ‘My Sisters’ House' in the UK.  

"The reason the pants were created in the first place is because when asked how I left my abusive relationship, I said ‘I put my brave pants on'."

Malvern Gazette: Lucy Burgess (left) and Sally Oakley (right).Lucy Burgess (left) and Sally Oakley (right).

Sally Oakley said that "something clicked" after hearing Lucy say the phrase, which lead to the idea to sell the underwear.

She said: "My best friend Lucy left a destructive relationship after 8 years by 'putting her brave pants on', and something clicked for me on hearing that and seeing her be so incredibly strong. I had to make the pants.

"Our pants now help everyday she-roes find their brave and every knicker sold supports My Sisters’ House (a women's centre based in Bognor Regis, UK, supporting women through domestic abuse, violence and crisis."

"We launched earlier this month so we’re a new business. However, the pants have been tried and tested so we’re confident in their quality and fit"

The underwear prices range from £17.50 to £22.50 as per the Brave Bird Club website.

Brave Bird Club also organise meet up events for women as well as releasing a regular podcast where Lucy and Sally talk about a wide variety of topics across all major streaming platforms.

£1 from every pair of pants purchased will go to support the charity My Sisters' House.

The charity aims to support women with domestic abuse, mental health problems, food, hygiene and clothing, sexual health clinic and financial advice.