THERE is yet more uncertainty over the leadership of Malvern Hills District Council after the leadership suffered yet more breakaways.

Following the resignation of former leader Cllr Sarah Rouse, the leadership has been rocked by further departures, including independents Cllr Lesley Bruton and Cllr Peter Whatley.

In addition, the Green group has left the governing coalition, leaving uncertainty ahead of next month's full council meeting.

Cllrs Chris Reed and John Raine have left the Independent Group, making a five-strong Green group.

Following on from that, whichever group ends up in charge of the council will need a majority to push any policies through the council's Executive Committee.

The Democratic Group, which is currently in charge, currently has 12 councillors according to the council's website, with the Conservative opposition also having 12.

In addition, there are five greens, four Lib Dems, three in the new Independent Group and one (Cllr Caroline Bovey) not specified.

This means whichever group seeks to take control of the council will need to rely on one of the smaller groups to shore up their votes.

Cllr Jeremy Owenson, leader of the Conservative group, said ensuring continuity was vital in any future make-up of the council.

He said: "I was reminded that when Tom Wells joined with Sarah Rouse two years back the common message was "people before politics". 

"In the same spirit, the Conservative Group would be prepared to work with any councillors from any group to deliver a stable council for the final administrative year.

"The most important thing is to do the right thing for the residents of Malvern Hills District."

The council is currently led by interim leader Cllr Tom Wells.

He and Cllr Daniel Walton announced earlier this month that they were overseeing the council until the May 10 meeting, with Cllr Walton expected to take over.

This was following Cllr Sarah Rouse's sudden resignation over "differences" in view.

Since then, more councillors have left the leadership, leaving the future of the council uncertain with no elections in Malvern Hills this year.