THERE is a chance of snow in Malvern later this week as temperatures are set to plummet.

The town has enjoyed a few days of glorious sunshine with temperatures reaching as high as 18C last week and over the weekend.

It should get up to about 16C today (Monday) as the sun breaks through the morning’s fog and cloud.

The Met Office says it will get cloudy again later and there’s a chance of the odd “light shower” too.


Tomorrow (Tuesday March 29) is forecast to pan out similarly, with early mist clearing and temperatures getting up to about 13C although again there is the chance of rain.

As the week goes on, temperatures are set to drop to as low as 1C on Thursday, feeling even colder because of the wind, with a chance of snow and rain.

“Becoming cloudy on Wednesday with outbreaks of rain, potentially wintry over higher ground,” the Met Office said in its forecast.

“Thereafter sunny spells and showers, some perhaps wintry, and feeling colder as temperatures drop. Windy at times.”