Rabbits abandoned on the side of a road have been rescued by the RSPCA but are in need of a forever home. 

The rabbits were first spotted in a field off of Old Road South, Kempsey on Thursday, February 24. 

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: "Unfortunately, a dog managed to get hold of one of the animals and the rabbit died instantly of shock.

"Two rabbits were caught by a member of the public and taken to The Holdings Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre run by the RSPCA's Worcester and Mid Worcestershire branch the following day (Friday, February 25).

Malvern Gazette: Image from the RSPCAImage from the RSPCA

"Both uninjured and in good condition.

"The following day staff from the centre went back out to the location again and found a further rabbit, also uninjured and in good condition.

"Further searches have been carried out since, but sadly no more have been found."


These lionhead rabbits have now been named Orla, Tara and Erin.

They are still at the rescue centre and need to be rehomed as there are 25 rabbits on the waiting list to be cared for there as well.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA added: "Amazingly after such a terrifying ordeal, these three girls are all incredibly relaxed and confident and, in spite of Tara's two night extended adventure, her sisters readily accepted her back into the family.

"They are all incredibly close and love to nestle together and groom each other. We think Tara (all black ears) is younger than the other two as she is much smaller, Orla (all white ears) and Erin (the biggest of the three, black and white ears) seem to be approximately the same age, we estimate around a year.

Malvern Gazette: Image from the RSPCAImage from the RSPCA

"Thankfully these calm and friendly girls seem none the worse for their ordeal and we are now looking for a forever home for them where they can all stay together.

"If you can give them the loving home they need, please visit our website and complete a Perfect Match form."

By mid-February of this year, 88 rabbits had already been taken in by the RSPCA across the country.

In 2021 5,451 rabbits were classed as neglected by the charity, anD almost 1,000 increase from the 4,544 rabbits the year before.