A TikTok influencer has recommended Malvern's basketball courts as some of the best in the country.

TikToker MartinD3x3 chose the Victoria Park courts as one of his favourites when asked to recommend somewhere in Worcestershire to play.

On his channel, which has more than 7,600 followers, he said the courts at Victoria Park were: "probably some of the best outdoor courts in the country.

"I think when they opened they had like 500 people come there, so it is definitely worth a visit."

The courts in Victoria Park, also known as Malvern Hoops, were officially opened in August 2021 after a number of years of planning.

The project, driven by the Malvern Hoops campaign led by Jon May and Tom Bennett, was brought about alongside their work with Malvern Town Council.

The courts have a new hi-tech playing surface made up of interlocking tiles, providing excellent traction, shock absorption and ball bounce.

They were the first in the country to use this Flex Court surface will be available on a public facility in England, with the Hoops hoping it would attract a range of users from complete beginners to league competitions and even training sessions hosted by the Worcester Wolves.