A WORCESTER resident was one of thousands left without power for hours in Worcestershire after Storm Eunice saw 43 individual power cuts across the county within 24 hours.

Western Power Distribution said the power cuts affected 5,156 customers across the county, while more than 503,164 customers across the Midlands, the South West and South Wales were affected.

Hannah Al-Khalidi, of Nelson Road, said she had to use candlelight all evening whilst the power was out in St John's.

She said: "It went on for a lot longer than we expected and it wasn't until we reached out that we were told really what was happening. It was lucky that I have a lot of candles at home.

The reports first began at 6.30am on Sunday, February 20 and were concluded at 6.30am on Monday, February 21.

Malvern Gazette: Nelson Road. Picture Credit: Google Street View.Nelson Road. Picture Credit: Google Street View.

Hannah said: "I woke up to a bunch of text messages from Western Power saying that there have been outages in our area and that they aimed to get us back online for around 9am, but we did not have any issues so we did not think anything of it.

"I came home at about 6.30pm and the power was off but I did not receive any extra messages from Western Power at this time.

"I typed in our postcode online and it said there were no reported issues and I called them up and they told me that our house was the only one on Nelson Road that was affected.

"They added me to their outage list, but later that day the rest of Nelson Road was affected as well.

"They kept saying it was going to be for only a couple of hours longer as a cable had been damaged, and they eventually said that by 1am everything should be back to normal.

"We had full power at around midnight."

Since Friday, WPD restored power to 503,164 customers across the Midlands, the South West and South Wales.

The power cuts affected 5,156 customers across the county.

Graham Halladay, operations director for Western Power Distribution, said: “Our engineers and other staff have been working around the clock all weekend, often in challenging conditions, to restore power to customers who have been affected by Storm Eunice."