A POPULAR ice cream man is being dubbed the 'new emergency service' after a TikTok of his kind offer to firefighters went viral.

Mr Tee's King of Desserts offers firefighters free ice creams as they work along the M5 near Worcester in the TikTok which as uploaded on Sunday.

Almost 350,000 people have watched the short video with one person saying "I thought the 4th emergency service was recovery but this is better!"

Firefighters dampening down bales of hay cheer and give a thumbs up as they spot the ice cream van.

Tee Smith asks them: "Hi guys, would you like an ice cream? Can we pull over anywhere?"

He was travelling on the M5 southbound when he spotted the crews working hard in the summer last year.

Sadly, because they were working he was not allowed to serve them ice cream.

Mr Smith said: "On that particular occasion they did not let me stop to serve them as it was deemed inappropriate by their supervisor.

"It was absolutely roasting and they had been tackling the blaze for five hours, I know as I was stuck in the tailback for that long I felt really bad that I couldn’t serve any refreshments to them but it is what it is."

Mr Tee's delivers to Worcestershire

The ice cream man, who recently delivered to Worcester, Malvern and Kidderminster, said the firefighters did an excellent job.

He said: "People like to see genuine kindness and appreciation especially for our emergency services They do a fantastic job."

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The video is whipping up a storm on TikTok with almost 24,000 likes.

One commenter said: "this is class".

Another said: "Awww that's mint man protect our heroes always especially the ones that protect them aka the ice cream man."

"Please tell me you were allowed to pull over and give them an ice cream".

And another person added: "Love how happy the firefighters were."

Queues of over an hour can form when Mr Tee's van appears in a city or town.

In 2018, over 2,000 people queued for hours to buy sweet treats from his van Droitwich.