A WOMAN who has been visiting a Malvern Hills hotel for her entire life has looked back on nearly 80 years of visits.

Anne Dunn first visited Colwall Park Hotel in 1945 as a six year-old, and has returned to visit again and again in the eight decades since.

Mrs Dunn spent her childhood Christmases with her family and friends in the Edwardian ballroom, riding horses and going for walks across the hills.

Later in life, she returned to the hotel with her husband and returned in Christmas 2021 with her daughter Emma and puppy Bronte.

Looking back on her time visiting, she said: "I had a lot of association through my father.

"When we started visiting the hotel in the mid-1940s my father was the hotel’s accountant.

"We used to go for every holiday, from Christmas to Easter and even the summer holidays.

"The family who ran Colwall Park when I first visited had a son who was the same age as me, so I always had a friend to play with when I stayed at the hotel.

"I was too young to fully realise the impact of the war but what I can remember is that the family was always so welcoming and made every visit very special for our family.

"I remember there was a bookkeeper there called Miss Mack who my father worked closely with.

"Did you know that the old ledgers are still kept in the hotel? I had a look the last time I visited, and they have them on display.

"It was a wonderful trip down memory lane."

During one of her visits to Colwall Park, Mrs Dunn met the artist Dame Laura Knight, who sketched a picture of a clown in her autograph book, a drawing she still keeps framed in her living room today.

She later went on to write to Dame Laura, who replied saying she did remember the young girl who asked her for an autograph.

Mrs Dunn added she does not plan to stop visiting Colwall Park in the future, with the hotel forming an integral part of the life of its longest-returning guest.