MALVERN'S foodbank is appealing for help filling its depleted shelves after Christmas almost cleaned it out.

After an exceptionally busy Christmas and new year, the Malvern Hills Foodbank is in desperate need of more stock.

Chair of the foodbank, Peter Buchanan, said: "We have a website and a Facebook page where supporters can see the items we have in short supply.

"Although we have large amounts of pasta, baked beans and tinned tomatoes, there are many other items we urgently need in food, household goods and hygiene products."

In 2021, the foodbank processed 1,890 referrals and provided 4,890 food parcels.

This is a 35 per cent increase on 2020.

Because of the pandemic, more and more staff were needed to help keep the foodbank running.

Mr Buchanan added: "Staffing was affected by the onset of the pandemic and its limitations and we could see that more volunteers were necessary to provide the support to our clients that we have always tried to give.

"A team of trustees put together a scheme to raise awareness of our plight, and as a result we've had a terrific response.

"Thank you to everyone who contacted us."

There has been a growing number of people needing support from the foodbank in 2021.

These are clients who have been referred for assistance when they have a crisis such as illness, divorce, job loss, all of which have taken their toll particularly during the pandemic.

Since the foodbank opened in 2013, residents of the district have regularly donated large amounts of money and goods to help their fellow residents.

The run up to Christmas saw a boom in donations, helping some of the most needy people in the district celebrate Christmas.

People looking to help the foodbank can check the Malvern Hills Food Bank Facebook page.

This week's shortages include custard, dog food, tinned fish, tinned vegetables and fruit, UHT milk, toiletries, nappies and soap.