DREAMS have been dashed that KFC will be bringing a new restaurant to these Worcestershire towns soon.

The chicken restaurant has a wishlist of 500 new restaurant locations in the UK including in Malvern.

People in Malvern have been sharing the list hoping they will soon be able to get finger lickin' chicken in the town.

But the company has explained that these are only speculative locations with no current plans to open a restaurant in the towns anytime soon.

While there is a McDonald's, Greggs the baker and Domino's, Malvern has been missing a KFC.

A KFC spokesperson said: “Sorry KFC fans of Malvern, we hate to disappoint, but this list is only speculative – no current plans to open a new restaurant in your area.

"But as the list proves, we’re always on the lookout for new sites so who knows what the future holds!”

KFC's wishlist of locations in the UK

Also included in the list is Droitwich, Kidderminster and Redditch.

KFC would like to have a food court in the Kingfisher Centre in Redditch and a drive-through in the three other towns, according to the document.

Malvern fast food fans have been anxiously awaiting a KFC takeaway restaurant and shared their excitement on social media.

After the list was shared on Facebook, one resident wrote:  "Maybe my dream will come true!!!"

Another added: "yas!!!!! Fingers crossed."