POLICE have provided an update after concerns over vandalism in a Malvern neighbourhood.

We reported how a number of incidents of fences being kicked and damaged were reported around Gloucester Close.

Since then, West Mercia Police has confirmed it did send officers out to reassure residents.

A spokesman said: "We are aware of reports of vandalism in Gloucester Close, Malvern and have spoken to residents regarding an incident reported to us on Thursday, January 6.

"We have not received any further reports of vandalism in the area."

At the time, a number of residents said they had heard youths in and around the estates nearby causing trouble.

According to reports, a number of youths were spotted in and around Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh, York Close and Gloucester Close kicking fence panels and shouting.

Posting on the Malvern UK Noticeboard Facebook page, nearby resident Marsha Parkins said: "We seem to be having a spate of fence panel vandalism in the estates.

"Four lads were punching and kicking fence panels in Gloucester Close, I came home to several busted panels today and at 5.20pm saw them do it again (January 4).

"Keep an eye out today, it is going to be an expensive and extensive repair job already by the looks of it".

Similar incidents were also reported in Duke of Edinburgh Way and Lower Howsell Road.