A so-called "ransom strip" near a prominent future housing site could be sold off.

Councillors will debate selling off the strip of land so the planned revamp of the area behind the Foley Arms in Malvern can go ahead as planned.

The controversial plans, which will see new housing and shops in a disused car park area behind the hotel were approved last year.

Because of this, members of Malvern Hills District Council's executive committee will discuss selling off the land, which is located on the site of the new development.

Although the owner of the land being developed has the right to cross the council's land, it is understood the access to the site needs to be widened as there is no other proper vehicular access to it.

Because of this, the council's land has become a "ransom strip" - a strip of land that has been retained when a larger piece has been sold.

Following negotiations, a price has been agreed for the sale of the strip, though this will be in a part of the January 18 meeting which the press and public will be excluded from.

Property developer Elevate wants to transform the land at the rear of the Foley Arms Hotel, a disused car park, with new housing and shops.

Following the approval of the plans last July, 17 homes will be built on the land as well as three new shops.

The site is located in Great Malvern town centre and covers approximately 0.45 hectares.

It is bordered by the Foley Arms Hotel to the west, several two/three storey buildings fronting Worcester Road and Edith Walk to the south-west, and a supermarket to the east.

The council also confirmed the nearby Theatre of Small Convenience, a former public toilet converted into an entertainment venue, will be kept as part of the plans.

There had been hopes the site would be used for a "town square" as proposed by the Malvern Civic Society.

The Foley Arms Hotel is not included in the plans for demolition of four buildings, and will remain open.