IT was a busy morning for police pulling over cars on Worcestershire's roads with dangerous defects.

Cars and other vehicles which caught the attention of the road police were stopped by OPU Worcestershire this morning (Monday).

Some cars were being driven in such dangerous conditions that police officers had no choice but to remove them from the road.

Their owners will not be allowed to drive their vehicles until they get the problems fixed.

In total, West Mercia Police stopped a total of 21 vehicles for issues ranging from dangerous defects to insecure loads and seatbelt offences.

Police stopped the cars as part of Operation Titan tweeting that it had been a "busy morning".

Three drivers were not allowed to drive their cars as they were found to have dangerous defects and were issued with prohibition notices.

Another car was seized by police officers for no insurance.

Police also spoke to eight drivers about insecure loads and made sure they were corrected before being allowed to return to their journey.

OPU Worcestershire also dealt with a number of the drivers for seatbelt offences, licence offences and minor defects.