MISSING tiles from a Malvern theatre have again been tracked down and returned.

We reported last week how the tiles from outside the Theatre of Small Convenience had again gone missing, with no one knowing where they had gone.

Since then, a mystery resident has stepped in and helped secure their return.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw people removing the tile trellis artwork and intervened, rescuing the tiled panel and taking it back to his home in the town.

Since then, he got in touch with Cllr Beverley Nielsen after seeing her appeal for their return in last week's Malvern Gazette.

Cllr Nielsen has now collected the tiles and put them in safe storage until the District and Town Councils can decide what to do with them.

She said: "I am delighted that thanks to the quick actions of a resident this tile trellis artwork has been saved.

"The other tile panel has also been saved, thanks again to the Malvern Gazette’s promotion of this story.

"Since then, Mr Neale has stored all the tiles on this first trellis artwork and I am now looking to bring all the tiles together and keep them safely until required by the Town or District Council.

"These tiles are an important civic record of Dennis Neale’s time in running this tiny and memorable theatre and were produced by local residents and visitors to Malvern.

"I know they mean a lot to local councillors and people, so I feel we are particularly indebted to our local resident for ensuring they were saved."

Mr Neale, who ran the theatre for nearly 20 years, said: "Thankfully this story has a happy ending.

"I am very grateful to our local resident and good Samaritan.

"I’m also grateful to Cllr Nielsen for her follow up and for ensuring the tiles are now in safe keeping until required again by the Town.

"They mean a lot to me and a great deal of effort went into producing them and displaying them outside our much loved Theatre of Small Convenience which was such a large part of my life for almost 20 years."