A VIGIL is being held in Malvern to mark one year since the announcement of a college closure.

People will be gathering in Priory Park on the first anniversary of WCG's announcement they would close down Malvern Hills College.

Members of the campaign group will be in the park from 3pm until 5pm ahead of November 30's full meeting of Malvern Hills District Council.

At that meeting, a notice of motion is being put forward by Cllr Jeremy Owenson for the council to honour the covenant it had on the college to preserve it for academic use.

According to the campaign group, the rally has three main aims: to prove to the Education and Skills Funding Agency that a college of adult and further education is needed in Malvern, to urge WCG to accept the offer put forward by the Bransford Trust to buy the building, and to show councillors how much the issue means to people in Malvern.

WCG announced last year that the college would be closing down after a review found it "no longer viable" for operation.

The group carried out a financial review of provision in Malvern, Evesham and Pershore.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, this was brought forward, and the decision was made to close the college.

Since then, a community bid has been launched to buy the Albert Road North site, with the Bransford Trust submitting a bid to take it over.

Numerous local figures, including West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin, have called for the site to be protected.

She said: "I have been working with a series of local groups who are trying to bring back permanent teaching at Malvern Hills College and I remain hopeful that a deal will be reached.

"I’ve been talking to Ministers and speaking in the House of Commons to raise awareness of this issue in Westminster and although parliamentary commitments prevent me from being at the vigil, I have let organisers know and passed on a message of support to share with everyone.

"I am grateful for everyone’s efforts and hope that we can keep the College going as it is so valuable to our community and that’s why it’s protected by a covenant."