A NEW meeting to discuss the future of a popular Malvern pub takes place next week.

We reported last week how the community in West Malvern had agreed to launch a bid to buy the Brewers Arms at a packed public meeting which saw 147 residents in attendance.

Now, the group is moving ahead with plans, and another meeting will be held on December 1 to discuss next steps.

Having agreed to launch the bid, the group in charge is hoping to bring together potential shareholders in the pub and people who can lend a hand with business or technical expertise.

It is expected they will need around £350,000 to buy the pub and carry out much-needed renovation work on-site.

A spokesman for the group said: "Already we have new volunteers who have stepped up to join Brian O’Connell, Mark Haslam and Andy Wood on the steering group.

"A date has been set for this group to hold its first council of war to discuss the way forward. Suffice to say the hard work starts here.

"First, is to get a website and Facebook page up and running. We are committed to keeping everyone fully informed.

"Further - this coming weekend - a first draft of the business plan will be written for consideration by the steering group, ahead of a second public meeting that has been provisionally arranged for Wednesday, December 1 at 7.30pm at West Malvern Village Hall."

At the meeting on December 1, the group will share its early thoughts about where they are in their planning.

This will include how much shares in the pub will cost and what the share dividend will be.

Another nearby venue, Malvern Hills Brewery, said it supported the plans.

A post on the brewery's Facebook page said: "So delighted to hear about the Brewers Arms community ownership possibility.

"The Brewers Arms is a well-loved pub with John doing an excellent job and very much part of West Malvern life.

"We as a brewery have served the Brewers Arms for a very long time and have understood the challenges of this fine pub.

"We congratulate Brian O' Connell and Mark Haslam for their devotion in making this happen."