A FOSTER carer who was instrumental in bringing Fairtrade to Malvern has died.

Eileen Richardson was leader of the town's Fairtrade campaign for a number of years and fostered children from all over Worcestershire.

Mrs Richardson's daughter announced she had died at her home aged 77.

She was a member of the Malvern Fairtrade Group, spending two years campaigning for Malvern to be given accreditation by lobbying businesses and the council for their support.

Throughout her life, she was also a regional co-ordinator for Mother Theresa during the 1980s, organising donations to be sent out to Kolkata for her charitable work there.

She, along with her children Rachel and Jess, met the now-saint in the 80s.

This was during her visit to the UK and saw Mother Theresa thank Mrs Richardson for her work.

She also campaigned for CND and lobbied the government to adopt fairer trade rules to reduce Third World debt, among many other causes spanning decades.

At home, she was a mother of six, becoming a foster carer for 20 years and caring for dozens of children from Worcestershire and further afield.

She spent the last 15 years of her life in Northumberland.

Her daughter, Rachel Barnes, said: "Our Mum was a truly remarkable woman whose legacy lives on through her family, but also through achievements like Fairtrade.

"She was compelled to fight against injustice and do whatever she could to try to make the world a fairer, kinder place.

"We're so proud of her."

Through her work for the Fairtrade group, Malvern was made one of the UK's first ever Fairtrade towns back in 2003.

This saw businesses, schools and faith groups all commit to using Fairtrade and ensuring a good deal for people in poorer countries.

Around 40 guests attended the event at the Malvern Town Council offices on Belle Vue Terrace back in 2003, during which a certificate of recognition was handed to Coun Ralph Madden.

Malvern was the 18th town in the UK to receive Fairtrade status.

Her funeral takes place at St Ninian’s Church in Northumberland on 23 November.