EVER looked at the clouds and seen a cow running across the sky? Or a face burned in your toast? Or a cracked light switch that looks as if it's smiling at you?

Welcome to the wonderful world of pareidolia (pronounced par-i-DOH-lee-a for those who like to get these things right).

Pareidolia is defined as seeing familiar objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects or patterns. It's a form of apophenia, which is a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Everyone experiences it from time to time. Seeing the famous man in the moon or the canals on Mars are classic examples from astronomy.

And always eager to set our Worcester News Camera Club members different challenges each month, we offered that one up. With some predictably brilliant responses.

Above are just a few of members' great efforts.

Have you got any similar pictures you've taken? We'd love to see them. You can send them to barry.kinghorn@newsquest.co.uk