ANOTHER secondary school in Herefordshire has introduced rules to stop Covid from spreading amid a rising number of cases.

Queen Elizabeth High School in Bromyard said more than 10 per cent of its year 10 pupils had tested positive for coronavirus within a 10-day period, meaning new measures were needed.

The Department of Education set the threshold, and meant that there would be new measures, on top of the hand hygiene regime, face coverings on school transport, extra ventilation, twice weekly lateral flow test programme and strong cleaning regime, more rules would be brought in from today (Monday).


Executive headteacher Martin Farmer said face coverings would be needed in corridors and other communal spaces, and classrooms would be reorganised so all the desks faced forwards.

Year 10, which has the most cases, will have separate toilets, and non-essential visitors will not be permitted on site – but there were also cases found in other years, he said.

On top of that, all planned assemblies, the launch of the youth club, and in-person parents evenings would not go ahead.

"Any pupils in year 10 deemed a 'close contact' by the school will receive an additional letter advising them to obtain a PCR test," Mr Farmer said, adding pupils would not be segregated by year group.

"This does not apply to all of year 10 as the small number of cases appear to be confined within small social groupings.

"For those asked to conduct a PCR test, they can continue to come to school whilst they wait to take the test and obtain the result, but we ask that in line with government guidance they conduct a daily lateral flow test whilst they await the result, we also ask that once the result is known that parents contact school to let us know."

He added: "These additional mitigations have been advised by the local health team and will all stay in place until at least Friday, November 5 so that we can assess if they are still required after our half term return.

"There are some mitigations we have not taken yet and will not do so unless cases continue to rise, or we are advised to do so."


In the letter, sent to parents on Friday (October 15), Mr Farmer said the school understands that having a community of 360 pupils, families' range of views on Covid is "very diverse".

"For some parents you would want us to go further and for others you may want no mitigations at all," he said.

"It is part of my role to make these decisions ultimately and for staff to carry these out.

"Irrespective of your position on Covid, vaccination, testing, PPE etc, please be mindful that staff are doing their jobs as directed and to the best of their ability, I am always available to have discussions with parents on sensitive matters."