MORE action is needed to crackdown on speeding in a village near Malvern.

District council leader Sarah Rouse has regularly campaigned against speeding in the district.

And last week police were out in Wells Road in Malvern and Ryall, near Upton, as concerns continue about speeding.

This follows other campaigns in and around the town.
After four crashes into walls in Leigh Sinton in recent times, a public meeting has been held to try and find a solution.

Cllr Rouse said: "There have been four crashes through walls and over pavements in recent weeks. 

"We invited the Police and county councillor Karen Hanks, but unfortunately she could not attend - however, the police representative was excellent. 
"We discussed as a community the issues we face and the police representative Gordí Ó Haodha came up with excellent ways forward."

Leigh Sinton had a number of speeding scarecrows put in place around the village to deter drivers from travelling too fast.

Since the recent public meeting, the parish council is looking into a rolling set of traffic measures for the village.

Cllr Rouse added: "West Mercia Police said there needs to be community action like the scarecrows and highways action to look at signage and road markings and then police presence to enforce the law. 

"By working together across all the areas we hope to see real change. 

"Cllr Peter Whatley has written to Worcestershire County Council to ask that they revisit their decisions not to look at the road markings. 

"Especially given Hertfordshire are so much more innovative in their approach. 

"As a community we will keep working toward solutions on speeding."
Police were unable to provide figures on last week's crackdown.
Earlier this year, a group of county councillors put forward a notice of motion about speeding in Malvern.

According to the group, an estimated 300,000 to 700,000 birds, at least 3,500 endangered hedgehogs and other wildlife is being mown down each year on our roads in Worcestershire.

Sgt Gordí Ó Haodha from West Mercia Police said: "In recent months, the safer neighbourhood team in Malvern and West Mercia Police Road Safety Team have been made aware of a number of roads in Malvern where speeding traffic is causing concern to local communities.

"To try and improve the safety of the roads, enforcement has been carried out by both teams as well as high-visibility patrols by our Roads Policing Team.

"Under our Local Policing Charter, police will continue to focus on speeding as it remains a priority identified by several parish councils."