PARENTS are raising money to help a primary school in Malvern improve its playground. 

The campaign is aiming to raise £20,000 to help Great Malvern Primary School finish its improvements.

For the last eight years, the school and its PTA have been attempting to improve the playground and in recent times, a stage and creative area, as well as gym equipment have been installed.

However, the cost of materials and labour has gone up as a result of the Covid pandemic, leaving Great Malvern Primary £20,000 short to be able to get a new play area and flooring installed by Easter 2022.

Now, a GoFundMe page has been set up by Nic Beresford Macmillan, a parent from the school, to help deliver the improvements.

On the page, she said: "After the play area has been installed the next phase of the project is re surfacing the entire playground and finally get netball courts marked out for PE lessons.

"This again will cost thousands so if we raise the £20,000 needed for the play area, then that is fantastic, but if we can raise even more then it will go towards the resurfacing and line marking of the playground and complete the entire playground project.

"Please help us to help all our children and future children at Great Malvern Primary School to finally give the children a new, safe and usable outdoor space where they can all have fun and play together or just be able to sit and relax whilst on their break-times."

The new playground is also designed to be more accessible to disabled pupils to allow them to play with their friends without having unsuitable facilities.

To find out more and to offer your support, go to