A RAPE trial has been delayed because the suspect accused of sex attacks on two women reported having sore feet.

Daniel Jones was being cross-examined over the two alleged rapes when he said he was 'struggling to concentrate' during the trial at Worcester Crown Court earlier today (Tuesday).

The 27-year-old of Hancocks Lane, Welland, near Malvern told the judge he had plantar fasciitis which causes pain on the bottom of the foot, around your heel and arch.

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After discussions with the judge and legal counsel in the case it was agreed the jury should be sent home and the trial resume the following day.

The defendant, who explained he had the condition in his left foot, said: "It did flare up yesterday."

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Judge James Burbidge QC, who has presided over the trial which began last Tuesday, said to the jury: "It's important that anyone accused of a crime can concentrate on their evidence."

Earlier in the morning and afternoon, Jones had been cross-examined by Caroline Goodwin QC, prosecuting, about the alleged rapes, one said to have taken place against a married mum in her Norfolk home in April last year and the other against a second woman in his own home in Welland.

The second alleged rape is said by the prosecution to have taken place in January this year while Jones was under investigation for the first. Two police officers discovered the second complainant in his home when they called in to see why the battery on his electronic tag was running low. The body worn footage was played to the jury.

Miss Goodwin, who had described Jones as 'manipulative', 'sexually selfish' and into 'domination and 'strangulation' in her opening, has been cross-examining the defendant over messages he had sent to the first complainant when the case had to be adjourned.

She had referred to the defendant's messages to her after Jones learned her husband had taken her phone.

One message from Jones said: "Seriously, what are you going to do? That is really unacceptable behaviour."

The jury heard that the messages were sent after the complainant, who talked to the defendant via social media platform Whisper, had said she wanted to give her marriage a chance.

"It didn't take him long to get abusive again" said Jones in one message.

In another message he wrote: "You can't just stay because he says he will kill himself."

The trial continues.