A 27-year-old man accused of two rapes was described as 'desperate' in his attempts to pursue a married mum he is accused of attacking, including trying to get her to 'ditch' her husband.

Daniel Jones continued giving evidence in the witness box at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday.

The defendant of Hancocks Lane, Welland, near Malvern denies two rapes, one against a married woman from Norfolk said to have happened in her home last April and the other said to have been committed against a second woman in his home in Welland in January this year.

The second alleged rape is said by the prosecution to have occurred while he was on bail and under investigation for the first attack.

He communicated with both women using social medial platform Whisper and has accepted he stole rings, including a wedding ring, from the first complainant. The court had heard how Jones liked 'domination', 'strangulation' and 'bondage' and had struck one of the complainants with a riding crop and also his hand during sex. Jones says all sexual activity that took place was consensual.

Caroline Goodwin QC, prosecuting, cross-examined Jones and referred to messages which the defendant sent to the first complainant, including 'graphic photographs', one showing a woman with a bag over her head.

"It was a bondage image" said Miss Goodwin.

"Yes it was" said Jones.

The prosecutor went on to describe other images the defendant had sent her including one of a woman 'bound with rope, hands behind her back'. "You wanted her to yourself" said the prosecutor.

However, Jones told the jury he did 'genuinely care about what she was going through', referring to struggles in her marriage.

Messages from Jones also referred to him 'marking you as my little girl'. The prosecutor said: "You were really wanting her just for you, weren't you?"

"Yes" said the defendant.

Miss Goodwin said: "I'm going to suggest you were really starting to twist things around so that she would very much want to ditch her husband and come and live with you."

Jones did not answer. During one message exchange the complainant had described how her husband had taken her phone off her.

In a message Jones wrote to her: "You know that's a form of abuse, doing things like that?"

Miss Goodwin put it to Jones that he was 'hyping things up' and Jones accepted he was 'annoyed'.

"This is all very desperate on your part, isn't it?" said Miss Goodwin.

"I wouldn't say it was desperate" said Jones. She also put it to him that he was 'chipping away' at her husband and Jones replied: "To a point, yes."

She said it was 'helpful to you if they were at loggerheads'. Jones said 'yes'.

The trial continues.