TWO men pretending to be firefighters tried to trick their way into a woman's home.

The men claimed they had been sent to check the woman's smoke alarms after calling at the home in Malvern.

Though the pair were wearing uniform, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service has said they were not their firefighters.

Fire chiefs have issued a warning saying they would never turn up unannounced and warned people not to let people in without relevant identification.

They were turned away before they could enter the house but it is thought it may have been a form of distraction burglary.

A spokesman said: "Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have been alerted that a resident in Malvern has been visited by two men claiming to be firefighters and asking to check her smoke alarms.


"Members of the public are reminded that all HWFRS visits are pre-booked and all fire service staff have photo ID which is available for inspection on request.

"Such visitors, unless pre-booked, should not be allowed in and the police should be contacted.

"Anyone with concerns at any time regarding people possibly impersonating a member of the Fire Service should not hesitate to contact the Police on 101.”

West Mercia Police suggest that people follow the advice "if in doubt, keep them out".

They also suggest people:

  • use your door viewer to see who’s there
  • if you open the door put the chain on first
  • always ask for ID and check it with the company before letting somebody into your home
  • use the phone number advertised in the phone book or online, as the number on their identity card could be fake. For a utility company, call the customer service department. Close the door while you do this
  • remember that genuine callers won’t mind checks. If you feel at all unsure, schedule a time for the caller to come back when a friend or relative is there
  • for pre-planned appointments with utility companies, a password scheme can be set up