POLICE have reminded lorry drivers insecure loads can cause fatalities after a driver was found carrying a massive 22,000kg load with only two straps holding it in place.

West Mercia Police tweeted an image of the lorry that had been dangerously carrying the building supplies.

The driver was stopped by road safety police officers from West Mercia Police who had been carrying out safer load checks with the Health and Safety Executive(HSE) and National Highways.

An officer from Worcestershire Operations Patrol Unit said: "This 22,000kg load was held in place with only two 2500kg straps.

"Consequences of a insecure load endangers road users and can kill."

The officer added the driver was stopped from getting back on the road, until he could safely secure it.

On the Twitter post many wrote at their shock the lorry had been on the road one writing: "Wow - I'd expect each bag to be individually strapped along with a number of straps to stop it moving to the rear for any reason."