A CHARITY shop in Malvern is helping three homeless people through their crises.

Amaze, on the crossroads in Malvern Link, said it is currently helping three people find work through helping run the shop.

The shop offers regular employment to those in need, helping them earn their way out of their problem.

Jobs include making the products on-sale in the shop, including lights, clocks, candles, soaps and others.

Director Chris Lee said: "Nobody ever plans or wants to be homeless.

"When you lose your home it is a terrible shock and often you don’t know which way to turn or where to get help.

"That’s where we can assist by introducing people to the correct agencies and providing a regular job.

"They can access the right support and earn money straight away.

"This helps with confidence and helps to rebuild an independent life."

Amaze works in a different way to most charity shops.

Instead of offering odds and ends and used clothes, it runs as a quirky gift shop with homemade objects and decoration ideas.

Co-director Polly Reehal said: "Think of Amaze as the brightest, quirkiest gift shop that’s full of amazing ideas, lights, clocks and household items that will put a smile on your face at first glance.

"The most amazing thing is that it is all created by homeless and formerly homeless people working together in an enterprise that creates really magical ideas for your home.

"Everybody working earns a living wage that helps ease their problems and customers get unique, designer ideas at a fraction of high street prices."

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has also offered her support to Amaze and said she would visit to see how it works first hand.

Mr Lee added: "We must express a big thank you to the kind people of Malvern for the fabulous items they have donated since we opened that have made this enterprise possible.

"Not wishing to sound like Oliver Twist, we wondered if anybody has any more bric a brac, pictures, old records, bicycles, empty wine bottles or garden tools that they could donate please.

"If you can help please call 07932 980397 and we’ll come and collect."