PETROL stations in Malvern are coping with the ongoing fuel shortage.

A shortage of drivers has led to panic-buying across much of the country, but a few Malvern petrol stations are still open with fuel.

Morrisons - Roman Way

The Morrisons petrol station in Roman Way is still open as of 9.30am today, though there are long queues on-site.

Esso - Worcester Road

The Esso station in Worcester Road has fuel as of 9.30am.

Pace - Pickersleigh Road

Pace in Pickersleigh Road has petrol, but has no diesel as of 10.30 this morning.

Texaco - Wells Road

According to the latest reports, the petrol station at the Daniels Garage in Wells Road still has petrol as of 2pm.

We will keep this story updated with more news as the fuel issue develops.

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Petrol stations have been forced to shut after a weekend of panic-buying across Worcestershire.

In Worcester, the crisis began on Wednesday (September 22) when a BP garage in the city ran out of fuel.

A second BP garage closed and, by Friday morning, drivers worried about potential fuel shortages were forming long queues to fill their tanks.

Queues have remained in place across the weekend with police called to some petrol stations to help manage traffic flow.