ONE of the county's MPs has urged schoolchildren to start planting trees to fight climate change.

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin visited Northleigh Primary School's Pupil Parliament, where she heard their ideas on improving the natural environment and fighting climate change.

Suggestions ranged from planting seeds in grass verges and encouraging the use of electric and hybrid cars.

The pupils also pledged to plant more trees to improve the natural environment ahead of next month's COP 26 summit.

Mrs Baldwin said: "Over the last six months I have been visiting schools and businesses and talking to local people about what they think our priorities should be as world leaders gather to discuss this vital issue.

"It is clear to me that the pupils at Northleigh Primary School feel very strongly about climate change and they have developed their own plan to improve environment.

"I applaud their efforts to come together to debate this issue as a school.

"They are a good example to us all and I hope that COP 26 will be as productive coming up with global solutions to these problems."