DOG owners could continue to be fined for not picking up after their pets in Malvern.

This is after councillors agreed to launch a six-week consultation into a new system for punishing dog owners who let their dogs foul and don't pick it up.

There had been a previous Public Space Protection Order issued by the council back in 2017, but this expired in 2021, so councillors were asked if they supported renewing it.

Despite the order being in place, only five fines were handed out to dog owners over the previous cycle.

Cllr Sarah Rouse, leader of the council, said that despite this, it was important to combine education and enforcement in the order.

She said: "There hasn't been much enforcement, but if you have no enforcement option, the order has no teeth.

"I think it is something that has got a lot of support in Malvern, so I am interested to see the consultation responses."

Cllr Rouse's comments were echoed by Conservative Cllr Jeremy Owenson, who said: "This was an initiative brought in under the previous administration (Conservative) so we naturally support it.

"Dog mess is something we keep on being told about as councillors and I keep getting reminded about it, so it is good that we are taking strong action against it."

If approved, the order could see dog owners fined £100 if they do not pick up after their pets.

When the original order was introduced back in 2017, Malvern Hills District Council became the first council in Worcestershire to do so.

More than 550 people took part in the original consultation on the plans which attracted overwhelming support from the public, most of whom were dog owners.

Of those who responded, 82 per cent backed making it illegal to not carry a poop bag or another means to clean up after a pet, 88 per cent failing to stop dogs entering a fenced or enclosed children’s playground and 82 per cent failing to keep a dog on a lead in certain places.