WORK is underway on a problematic junction near Upton which has been a constant concern to residents.

The staggered crossroads where the A38 and A4104 meet is being turned into a new roundabout.

Cllr Martin Allen is chair of the liaison committee and provided an update on the progress of the work.

He said: "Although this is a larger roundabout than I would have preferred, I firmly believe that it will make an accident blackspot a lot safer and I want to publicly thank Cllr Alan Amos and his team in the highways department at the county council for carrying out this work.

"With a four-way traffic light scheme there will be the inevitable delays while construction is carried out, fortunately much of the work will be done without the need for traffic lights.

"But where traffic lights are needed to keep the workforce safe, I will fully support their use and I would ask that folk give themselves a little more time to travel if they need to through the roadworks.

"I would also implore locals not to use the Ryall Road as a rat run. I have written to the police and crime commissioner asking for action to enforce the access only restriction that apply to this road."

The work is expected to now be completed by the end of summer 2022 after the great crested newts found to be living in the area had to be rounded up and moved before work could commence.

This delayed the project and now much of the work will be carried out in the winter.

At the last full County Council meeting Cllr Allen asked Cllr Amos if he would agree to a speeding review once the roundabout had been completed.

He added: "I was very pleased to hear that Cllr Amos could see the sense that a review was needed following such a large change in the flow of traffic and I am grateful for his commitment.

"I was also really delighted to see that the new lighting for the roundabout is to be bat friendly.

"In addition I have also emailed Cllr Amos asking that he considers the possibility of a work of art or a monument being installed on the new roundabout.

"Upton is a musical town; its festivals are legendary and the land of Elgar should sing Welcome."