A THEATRE in Worcestershire has had sentimental hand-made tiles stolen and local councillors have banded together to get them back.

Councillors Beverley Nielsen, Cynthia Palmer and Peter Smith have joined forces to appeal for the return of the handmade tiles that have been a feature outside the Theatre of Small Convenience in Malvern over many years.

They said they are all "greatly saddened" that someone would remove the tiles, which have brought together "the work and inspiration" of the community.

The trellis panels are compiled from handmade tiles made by people from Malvern including overseas visitors to the town,

Councillor Beverley Nielsen said: "We are appealing to all residents for the return of our special tiles so we can restore the missing trellis panel

"The Theatre of Small Convenience is much loved by residents and I have received numerous emails commenting on these missing tiles. If anyone knows or has seen anything regarding their removal then please let me know."

Councillor Cynthia Palmer added: "Edith Walk is a busy walkway between Waitrose and the town centre.

"As we look ahead to the plans by Elevate who are transforming this part of town through their mixed use commercial, retail and residential development which will really open up this part of our town, we will see even greater interest and footfall past this small but iconic theatre."

Anyone with information on the wherabouts of the tiles has been asked to contact Councillor Beverley Nielsen at Beverley@Beverleynielsen.co.uk.