MALVERN residents agree more should be done to combat speeding in and around the town.

We reported last week how continued speeding checks are being done in a number of Malvern areas as concerns continue to be raised.

Villagers in Leigh Sinton put up scarecrows around the village to deter speeding drivers, while the police carried out checks in Wells Road and Upton Road.

We asked Gazette readers if they felt more should be done about the issue.

Owain Peredur Griffiths wrote: "The whole of the Worcester road needs to monitored permanently, there’s been numerous accidents on there including a lamppost being knocked over and our neighbour having a car directly hitting their wall.

"A permanent restriction of 20mph throughout Malvern with permanent digital speed cameras would solve the problem and give everyone peace of mind."

Pete Cubberley said mroe should be done to target persistent offenders.

He wrote: "Got to use a bit of sense though, no good hitting people who just run over the speed limit a little, you have to target the main ones who think they get away with it all the time."

Debs Woodcock wrote: "So dangerous. I'm surprised a child hasn't been injured or killed on the roads by me yet.

"Make it easier for people to report these incidents, with as fast as possible follow ups and more enforced speed limits."

After a community meeting at the Royal Oak pub in Leigh Sinton, residents raised speeding as a top concern.

One of the main concerns was feeling unsafe about walking and avoiding cycling all together.

Since then, residents have been making their scarecrows with staff from the pub setting them up.

Ward councillor Sarah Rouse said: "A good display has popped up already with plenty of families joining in the fun.

"Anyone with a bit of spare wood or high-viz to support the initiative can drop it off at the pub.

"It is a fun initiative to engage families and highlight that the village is not a place for speeding."