A play exploring family, alcoholism and exploitation is coming to Malvern next week.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is a play by English dramatist Jim Cartwright which originally debuted on the West End in 1992, before hitting Broadway a year later.

The play follows its lead, Little Voice, a talented singer who sings along to her dead father’s record collection.

Little Voice’s mother, Mari, is an alcoholic who is only after booze and a telephone line that works.

Meanwhile a talent spotter, Ray, overhears Little Voice’s hidden talent and see’s her voice as his way to the big time however the singer is painfully shy and must overcome more than stage-fright to reach the top.

The play is being performed by the Malvern Theatre Players at the Coach House Theatre, on Grange Road.

Shows take place from the September 6 to 11 with curtains up at 7:30pm

There is also a 2:30 matinee performance on Saturday September 11.

Tickets are £14 and can be purchased from the Malvern Theatres Box Office by calling 01684 892277 or contacting boxoffice@malvern-theatres.co.uk.

Face coverings will need to be worn during the performance.