WEBSITE and graphic design isn’t all about sitting in a dark room peering at a small screen – there’s also the chance to take drone footage of equestrian stabling while a dog tries to bite the drone!

But it’s all part of the enjoyment Rebecca Southall gets out of working with from her Bear Left Studio in Suckley, where the small website and graphic design studio has been in operating for two years.

Bear Left offers graphic design and website design to small businesses.

Rebecca said: “We approach each new project with the intention to create something special that truly reflects your personality and your unique business, whilst also being contemporary and exciting.

“I absolutely love the whole design process from start to finish. I really enjoy the initial meeting or phone call where I first get to know a client and learn more about their ideas, passions and business.

“The initial chat is so important because together we draw out what they need from a design and what they need people’s first impressions to be.

“A website homepage is like a shop window where you instantly make a decision about whether you want to shop there so it is so important to get that feeling right during that couple of seconds first impact!

“I love the design process where I can sketch and develop different log and branding options, and then work alongside the client to reach a point where that image and colour scheme truly reflect them.

Design for Vasai, Malvern

Design for Vasai, Malvern

“The lovely people have worked with often describe the early stages of the design as an enjoyable and self-reflective exercise in its own right.

“ We work together, start to finish, to create a bespoke and unique website design, and then we work on getting their new business out there for the world to see and admire! What’s not to love?

“Probably the most amazing time we had was when we were filming video footage at Apples Equestrian of Leigh Sinton.

“We firstly had to introduce the drone to the horses while they were in their stables so that they felt safe and didn’t think they were being attacked by a swarm of bees.

“One of the horses was very grumpy about it and made her displeasure quite well known by huffing and blowing at us!

“The donkeys ran as fast as they could to the other side of their field and shouted at the drone as loudly as they could! One of the dogs thought it was a Frisbee and tried to jump at it to bite it!

“After a few sessions, the animals became really relaxed and we got some beautiful footage as the horses were being ridden in the school, and as one of the riders said, Becky “is also the only person I’d trust to bring a drone face to face with Apache whilst I’m sat on him!”

“We can’t wait to get back there and shoot more footage now that the leaves are on the apple trees.

“I am a design trained, practising graphic design teacher and freelance designer, and I have worked alongside a wide variety of different businesses to develop their unique brands.

“Each new client and project is approached with enthusiasm; aiming to really understand your style and needs, being creative and experimental, and producing unique, fresh designs that reflect you.”

Design for Bromyard Carpets

Design for Bromyard Carpets


Bear Left Studio

Damson Way, Suckley, Worcestershire, WR6

07854 200367.

Mobile friendly design is so important!

Mobile friendly design is so important!

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