A POET from Malvern has published his new collection of work.

Kim Taplin's new work "Warp and Weft", covers themes such as walking in Dymock Wood, school rules, evolution, flirting and motorway rubbish.

Recently retired as the chaplain of Malvern St James Girls' School, Mr Taplin combined his love of writing with his work at the NHS Vaccination Centre at the Three Counties Showground.

With humour, irony and thoughtful reflection, he writes poems about love, longing, nostalgia and regret.

Some explore the interconnected rhythms of the natural world or the mysteries and challenges of spirituality and faith.

He employs a refreshing variety of moods and styles in his writing.

Most of his poems are written in narrative free verse, but there are many examples of more traditional poetic forms.

He said: "In Warp & Weft, I encourage my readers to still their busy looms for a moment and to reflect on the patterns emerging from innumerable, disparate, multi-coloured threads.

Warp & Weft is available for £7 from Malvern Book Co-operative and Ledbury Books and Maps.

It can be ordered from the publishers, Aspect Design of Malvern, or online through Amazon.