CLIMATE activists from Malvern took part in a weekend of protests as world leaders gathered for the G7 summit in Cornwall.

"Rebels" from Extinction Rebellion headed down to the conference which saw heads of government including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Joe Biden discuss international priorities.

The members of the group who did not travel to Cornwall stayed in Malvern, setting up a stall in the town over the weekend.

An update to members said: "While many of the Malvern rebels travelled to Cornwall for the G7 summit, those in Malvern held a vigil for the Earth, and adjacent to that, our stall was filled with many free gifts that had been generously donated.

"The block printing went down well.

"We connected with XR rebels from London and Swindon, made new friends locally and were grateful for many new people signing up.

"It was great to have face to face discussions in the vigil space and at the stall."

Extinction Rebellion says the protests are in response to G7 nations’ “failure to respect the global climate commitments they made in Paris in 2015” and “to urge the leaders meeting at Carbis Bay in Cornwall to act immediately to address the climate and ecological emergency”.

At least 500 people joined the parade, while residents of St Ives stood outside and took photographs and videoed the event.

The protesters played drums and chanted “act now”, “sound the alarm” and “Extinction Rebellion”.

Some campaigners wore blue gowns and veils and moved through crowd in a flowing motion, which they said represented the threat climate change has on marine life.

They began their protest with a rally at the leisure centre where they gave speeches and sang songs.