A MALVERN mum given six months to live has jumped out of two planes to fund potentially lifesaving treatment – now she needs your help.

Lauren Maddock, 28, was diagnosed with stage three triple negative breast cancer in November 2019 and having exhausted all treatment options available on the NHS needs to raise £50,000 for pioneering therapy in Mexico.

It is Lauren's last shot at being able to see seven-year-old daughter Penny and four-year-old son Arthur grow up and she hopes to improve her prognosis via private treatments available in the UK in the meantime.

A Just Giving page has reached more than £17,000 but donations have recently slowed down.

“Around six weeks ago I was told I had six months to live,” said Lauren.

“I really need to keep pushing, hopefully the people of Malvern will get behind me and reach out to as many businesses as possible.

“If everyone who saw the page donated a pound we would get there. We have been stuck around £17,000 for a few weeks now, two skydives put that in the pot but the harsh reality is that I need £50,000."

Malvern Gazette:

Combining the fundraising effort, day-to-day life and grabbing every precious second with Penny and Arthur has proved a challenge, particularly with the fear of what may lie ahead being ever present.

“I am constantly rushing, life feels like it is running at 100 miles per hour at the moment because I want to be here and able to parent my kids,” added Lauren.

“I just need to get to Mexico. My passport has arrived now and I feel like that is a good sign and I also need to be accessing different therapies here – mistletoe therapy, oxygen chambers – but I don’t have the money to start these therapies either.

“How can you tell someone they are going to die and then tell them they are going to have to pay for these therapies? I am only not working because I am ill.

“There is a girl who passed away recently, a triple negative mum of three who died before her prognosis was up.

“I do go to bed thinking that could be me. I am not in pain because I am on morphine and running around like a busy chicken and I could die any time, I know I could.

“This is why the NHS should help. We should not be given a prognosis like this and then get left to fund it ourselves – why wouldn’t they want to help someone who they say is dying, where do they draw the line?

“If they know these alternative therapies work why won’t they give us access to them? I want to be someone who gets better and makes the world a nicer place for people.

“People say ‘you’re so positive, Lauren, how do you do it?’ My answer is that everyone is a statistic for something, I just have a prognosis attached to mine.

“Someone is going to get hit by a bus today, someone is going to get killed in a car crash, someone is going to die of cancer today, I have just been given a timeline.

“My fear is that it could happen, I have to remember that but I am only giving it two per cent of my thought process while trying to focus on my day to day.

Malvern Gazette:

“I am a busy mum and I couldn’t do any more for my children, I cherish and adore them, and I am trying to look after myself with supplements and juices, everything I can afford to do but I desperately need to start oxygen, mistletoe and vitamin therapy, all the things I could do in the UK if I had access to it."