THE latest winner of the Friends of Priory Park photo competition has been announced.

This month’s guest judge was Seau Austin, of Austin and Co cards in Malvern. Speaking about why he chose the winner and runner-up, he said: “Now you were probably thinking that I would have chosen pictures of dogs in Priory Park, but I like to surprise.

“The winner for May 2021 is Helen Gagen. The perspective, the colour and shadows make for a majestic scene.

“You wouldn’t think you were in a town centre park but more likely an expansive arboretum or country estate. It’s a great advert for the variety of trees in the park.

"The runner up is Xin Pang It couldn’t be more different. Photography isn’t just about sweeping vistas but also capturing a moment in time.

“It’s May, it’s wet, we’re coming out of a lockdown and the restrictions this has placed on weddings - both the virus and the weather. Photography and social history go hand in hand and this picture captures that ‘do you remember when’ moment.”