A MALVERN based carer has recounted her experiences during the pandemic and has praised care companions all over the UK in celebration of Carers Week.

Gillian Symmonds, 52, a care companion for Ashwell Home Care Services, has praised the hard work of carers during the last year.

She said: "I have tears in my eyes as I say this, but I'm so proud of my uniform. I feel like someone who is doing good in the world. Some of my clients were isolating for a whole year. I was there to remind them there's a whole world out there and we were just having to keep low for a while for their safety."

During the pandemic, Mrs Symmonds felt the role became even more important. She said: "It was hard for clients. We always had to wear PPE, but wearing the visor meant they couldn't see our faces. When I stood at a safe distance, I could take it off and remind them there was a person underneath the mask".

A carer's reposnsibility can be anything from everyday tasks to providing emotional support and companionship. Mrs Symmonds, who has been in the role for 28 years, said: "Little things mean so much to them. From opening water bottles or medicine tops to just having a laugh with them. I get so much satisfaction from giving that to them".

She added: "Some families were scared to visit, in case they passed anything on. All I can say is thank God for us carers, who could fill that gap for them".

A carer is someone who provides support to people who need extra help.

Carers Week is taking place this week, to recognise, celebrate and support unpaid carers.