A MAN who played chicken with cars before exposing himself while drunk has been back in front of Worcester magistrates to admit another drunk and disorderly offence.

Kieran Allton was fined when he made his latest appearance at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Prosecutor Melanie Winterflood said police were called to Allton’s mother’s home in Moat Crescent, where Allton lives, on May 2.

“He was drunk and in quite an emotional state,” the prosecutor said.

“The call was initially to ask officers to assist her in removing Mr Allton from the property.”

Miss Winterfold said officers found the 22-year-old “very upset” and “intoxicated”, with lengthy negotiations held with Allton to leave.

“Eventually he was led out of the property,” the prosecutor said.

“He was out of the property, on the front garden in the street, in view of the public.

“Officers tried their best to assist him but Mr Allton, because of his intoxicated situation, was shouting and swearing.”

The prosecutor said an officer then heard Allton instruct his dog to bite him, and although the dog didn’t he “repeated the command”.

Miss Winterflood said after Allton’s behaviour deteriorated further they warned him if the behaviour escalated they would arrest him.

“In essence it continued, and he was arrested.”

Allton, defending himself, was asked if there was anything he wanted to say to magistrates, replying “no thank you””.

After deliberations chairman of the magistrates bench, Kevin Lloyd-Wright, told Allton they were fining him £40.

He was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £34, and costs of £70. It was agreed the total, £144, would be taken from his benefits.

The chairman added an existing community order Allton was under, which included help for alcohol issues, would be left in place as he had been working well with probation.

In September 2019 we reported on Allton admitting to being drunk and disorderly.

On that occasion the court heard he went out into the road, weaving in and out of traffic and playing chicken with cars, before exposing himself and making threats to officers.

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