MORE than half of adults across Malvern Hills have received two doses of a Covid vaccine, the latest figures show.

NHS England said 37,581 people in Malvern Hills have been given their second injection of a Covid vaccine - equal to almost 54 per cent of people eligible for a jab.

This is the highest among Worcestershire’s six districts based on population estimations.

NHS England said 243,704 people in Worcestershire had received two vaccines - roughly 47 per cent of the county’s adult population - in the period up to May 23.

As many as 27,171 people in Redditch have received two doses of a Covid vaccine - roughly 37 per cent of people - and 36,157 people in Worcester have now had two jabs - roughly 40 per cent of people in the city.

Figures show 57,798 people in Wychavon, which includes Evesham, Pershore and Droitwich, have now had two doses of a Covid vaccine - which is half of the people currently eligible for a jab - and 44,703 people in Wyre Forest have received both jabs - also just over 50 per cent.

A total of 40,294 people in Bromsgrove have received both vaccines - around 47 per cent of people.

Of the people that have received two doses of a Covid vaccine in Malvern Hills, 5,926 people were aged 80 and over.

A total of 10,055 people in Malvern Hills were in their 70s and 9,244 people were in their 60s.

As many as 6,381 people in their 50s have received two jabs in Malvern Hills and 2,9671 people in their 40s have now received both jabs.

NHS England said 375,112 people in Worcestershire have had at least one jab - roughly 72 per cent of people.

Figures show 53,764 people in Malvern Hills have so far received one jab including 7,115 people aged 40 and under and 7,567 people in their 40s. A total of 11,706 people in their 50s have received one jab and 11,047 people in their 60s have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine.

As many as 10,273 in their 70s have received one vaccine and 6,056 people aged 80 and above have received at least one jab.

A total of 91.4 per cent of care home residents in Worcestershire have now been vaccinated with both doses with 97.3 per cent of residents receiving just the first Covid jab. The same figures show 68.2 per cent of staff in Worcestershire’s care homes have received both jabs with 85.7 per cent of staff receiving just the first dose.