WORCESTER Cathedral re-opened its doors to visitors yesterday, and the iconic city landmark has launched an urgent appeal for financial help.

In a letter to residents, Peter Atkinson, the dean, spoke of the hardships of the Covid pandemic, and called for donations to help keep the historic site running, with the pandemic seeing it lose £903 per day in revenue.

He wrote: "As we begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we must now ask for our community’s continued support for Worcester Cathedral.

"We have felt very strongly the benefit of the community’s support, encouragement and prayers, enabling us to come through this most difficult year.

"But the hard work is only now beginning.

"Public and other bodies have given emergency support to the Cathedral, as to many other organisations.

"But in the year to come we must stand on our own feet again, relying on visitors and our community of donors and supporters.

"I know what a special place the Cathedral holds in people’s hearts.

"Emerging from the pandemic, we must ensure that the Cathedral and its grounds are kept in good repair, open and safe for all to enjoy our amazing heritage.

"But the stark reality is that this is impossible without stable finances."

Worcester Cathedral is a non-profit organisation and almost entirely self-funding.

Neither national or local government, nor the Church of England in the diocese, the county or the city has any statutory obligation to maintain the Cathedral and all that goes on in it.

The Cathedral must find that money as best it can.

In normal times, a significant part of its income comes from visitors, events and from the café and shop.

Mr Atkinson added: "We lost all of that last year, and we expect that income only to recover very slowly.

"We estimate a significant deficit in the year to come – losing £903 each day.

"And so, I am asking you for your extraordinary help at this extraordinary time.

"I know you share my conviction that Worcester Cathedral can continue to be a beacon of hope for our community.

"Please accept, in advance, our sincere and grateful thanks for any contribution towards the upkeep and longer-term future of the Cathedral you are able to make at this time."

For more information, go to https://www.worcestercathedral.co.uk/recovery2021/recovery-donate