SEVEN new faces will be representing the Malvern Hills district on Worcestershire County Council following last week’s local elections.

Victories for other parties, retirements and de-selections meant all but one of the eight council divisions across Malvern Hills are now represented by new councillors.

Jack Satterthwaite, who was victorious for the Lib Dems in Malvern Chase, said he was grateful for the support and could not wait to get started.

“I’m delighted to have the support of the community in Poolbrook, Barnards Green, Malvern Wells and Upper Welland to represent them as their county councillor,” he said.

“Residents wanted a councillor who would be active in the community. I can’t wait to get started.

“I want to get to work right away tackling climate change while demanding better transport, education and health.

“I will work hard over the next four years to hold the Conservative run county council to account.”

Green candidate Martin Allen, who defeated Tory Paul Middlebrough in the Croome division, said he was amazed by the huge swing of votes towards the Greens and the victory was a huge honour.

“Clearly this has been a huge honour for me,” he said. “Just like everyone who stood, I hoped to win, but nothing is for certain. Personally, I was amazed at the massive swing of 1,200 per cent to me. I would like to thank the many people who have put their faith in me. It is a huge responsibility.

“There are many challenges ahead, the Hanley Road in Upton needs to be addressed. One of my aims is to seek to get the town council and county council highway engineers to meet and agree a timeline to resolve the problem.

“I have a few ideas of my own as I am sure many do. With the council being in such large debt it may be many years before something can be achieved, but we must start the journey at some point and I feel now is the time.

“Also, I intend to ask that council and I can look at safe crossing points along the A38 in Kempsey and planning a way to stop the Rat Run in Ryall. There are many other issues and I wish to get as much done as I can in the time I am the county councillor.

Cllr Beverley Nielsen defeated sitting Tory councillor James O’Donnell in Malvern’s Langland division and will represent the area as an independent.

“I’m thrilled to have been elected as an independent by residents to represent Malvern Langland division and would like to thank everyone who voted for me and to reassure residents however they voted that I will do my very best to fight everyone’s corner,” she said after the victory.

“I do understand residents’ concerns over some of the bigger issues such as skills and training for our young people, jobs and opportunities so they can work here rather than leave our area and of course the issue of retaining Malvern Hills College where we have been working very hard through our SOS Task Group and hope to hear more very shortly.

“Speeding remains a primary concern and I will continue to press for higher levels of road safety and better conditions across all our highways.

“It was great to see a Green and Independent surge across the Malvern Hills area and I am so pleased to be working with councillors Martin Allen, Natalie McVey and Tom Wells.”

Cllr Natalie McVey, who was elected for the Green Party in Malvern Trinity, said she was “absolutely elated” with the win.

“I had high hopes for a win and the fact that we increased our share of the vote to 56 per cent was an absolutely phenomenal achievement,” she said. “I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to my success. Malvern Hills Green Party is tiny but mighty and have worked very hard during this campaign and leading up to it. I wouldn’t be in this position without them. I would particularly like to thank outgoing councillor John Raine. My mentor, the calmness in my political life, my friend. I have very big shoes to fill and will do my utmost to continue his legacy. Thank you to my political opponents for running clean campaigns.

“We showed that an election can be contested without resorting to personal attacks and Punch and Judy politics.

“Thank you to everyone who played their part by voting. Life has been tough for many of us but you still exercised your democratic right to vote and determined the outcome. To all of you who voted for me, and to those who didn’t I promise that I will work hard for you, work with you and speak up for you.”